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Photographed for fifty years

Had an enormous photographic knowledge. His exhibition "Frontiers in the years 1921 1939," for many years wandering around Poland. Was exhibited in Bialystok, to Hawaii: Mrągowo Węgorzewo, Zary, Sagan and many other towns of Lower Silesia. Hundreds of photographs exhibited in Łapy and Suraż. Elderly residents of desire watch multimedia shows Fri Walk the old Łapy.

But this master of photography is still an unknown figure. Meanwhile, his artistic output is really great.
The archive is preserved an impressive collection of glass negatives and film frames, and hundreds of photographs. Feet Thanks to the photographic documentation of the last fifty years of the twentieth century. The quality of images, their artistry Polish outstanding photographers rate. To their delight, spoke Viktor Volkov and staff of the Institute of Old Photographs of Polish Academy of Sciences.

In 1933, the sudden death of his son changed the lives of his father in anguish. I humbly accepted the will of God, but he escaped from this world into another.
With double the passion began to shoot. He was also the designer. Siedmiolampowe constructed a radio and a moped. He traveled a lot and angled. He loved music. Sam tried to play the violin. Lots of reading. I wrote a diary, which raises fervent love for the deceased only child. When in 1939 the Soviets came to Catch, Piotrowski family fled to the city. They returned when the Germans entered our lands. Vladislav did not return to work on the railroad. He opened a photography shop. I started serving in the ranks of the Army. After the war was not broken system. UB insisted it different ways, threatening, making it difficult to operate the plant, asking to join the party. So he joined the Anglers Association. They told him to talk about what they were talking anglers. This, with his nonchalance to authority replied, "Nothing, because while the fish is silent."

In 1971, he completed his professional work. Photographed for fifty years. Then, until death do not have any photos done.